Walking up the steep slope that branches off from the seaside highway, you experience a spectacular sequence of surrounding scenery. The landscape has intricate layers of hills and valleys, with trees and houses scattered along the undulating surfaces. And as you go up, a stunning panorama of the Bay of Sagami gradually unfolds in front of you, with a fine view of Mt. Fuji and the Izu Peninsula in distance.


We designed a weekend house, which consists of two separate blocks, located near the top of the landscape. The site is an uneven fan-shaped land situated between two roads at the Y-shaped intersection. The site had to be divided in two for each blocks. The divided sites varied in size, shape and orientation, but our intention was to provide the same volumes, equal living condition, and the best views for the both of them.


The two blocks both consist of thirteen 10-meter-high walls with various widths. Each walls stand separately, and glass is inserted in between. Walls are set irregularly, so you will experience a dramatic sequence of different framings of the surrounding view as you move among them. The second floor, which is divided by stairs in the middle, has split-levels, so you can enjoy views at different eye levels.

As you move along this ever-changing scenery framed by irregular walls, you begin to feel that the walls themselves become parts of the surrounding view. Our intention is to bring the spectacle of the surrounding scenery into the space. The walls open to the sea and the mountains, and are closed against the adjacent block and the neighbor. However our intention was to in create a dramatic and intricate space, which is not just about "open and close" relationship.


In this project big challenge was to design two separate blocks in a rather small fan-shaped site divided in two sections. However by boldly opening up the space towards the surrounding scenery, you feel as if Mt. Fuji has become a part of your site. We successfully created a dramatic openness that one cannot experience in everyday life in the city.


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  • location
    Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
  • principal use
    2 weekend houses
  • collaboration with
    Ohno JAPAN
    komorebi design
    Akiyoshi Takagi Architects
  • completion date
    December 2009
  • structure
    reinforced concrete
    3 stories
  • total floor area
    A-101.18m2 B-101.67m2
  • photographer
    Hiroyasu Sakaguchi
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