lighted valley


This is a small wood-frame house for a young family that is located on the mountainside in the suburb of Kanazawa City. The newly developed land is subdivided into six lots, and our site is an irregular pentagon-shaped land situated at T-junction. Local builders had already completed houses on the other five lots.

金沢市のはずれの山の麓に建つ若い家族のための小さな木造住宅である。 造成が行われ6つの宅地に分譲されたうちの一区画で、敷地の形状は歪な四角形(道路の隅切りにより正確には五角形)であった。また、分譲地内の他の5棟の住宅は主に地元のビルダーによって先行して建設が行われていた。

In residential design, we have focused on providing natural light by designing appropriate openings according to each site condition. For example, we designed a large high side light on the south side sin our previous project entitled "Facing True South". But this time the site is long in an east-west direction, and houses with high eaves are located adjacent to the site on the south side. Considering these site conditions, it is not appropriate to place large windows on exterior facades due to privacy reasons. In addition, skylight is not applicable because of its high heat load.

私たちは屋根に真南向きのハイサイドライトを設けた住宅(作品名"facing true south")などで、開口部と採光や日射取得の関係に着目した設計を行ってきたが、今回の敷地は東西に細長く、また南隣りには軒の高い住宅がすでに建っていたため、そのような状況においていかに効果的に採光を得るかということが設計上の主題となった。

Our design solution is to locate two rectangular parallelepiped volumes along southern and northern site borders and provide light through the gap between, envisioning a beautiful light shining on a valley. The southern volume, allocated for living room and kitchen, is 5-meter high and the northern volume containing private rooms is 7.5-meter high, and they are connected by a 3-meter high volume in between. The two facades in the middle are completely open glass walls reinforced by Vierendeel trusses, to bring in light to create a space that we envision as "lighted valley".


"Lighted valley" space, inserted between the volumes on the south and the north sides, creates an ambiguous psychological distance between them, as it separates and connects the two at the same time. Being inside the low space in between, one feels like being at the bottom of the valley. On the contrary, when going up and down the stairs, one feels like walking along the steep hillside and looking down the deep valley. "Lighted valley" is an abstract landscape conceived in a small suburban house, which is intended to provide various spatial experiences that one would usually gain in the complex natural landscape.


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  • location
    Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
  • principal use
    private house
  • collaboration with
    Ohno JAPAN
  • completion date
    October 2012
  • construction
    Kaga Corporation
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  • photographer
    Hiroyasu Sakaguchi
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